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8 ways to supercharge your email marketing

Email marketing could (and should) be one of your key revenue generators (if it isn't, get in touch). Forget dull, boring email marketing. Here we look at 8 email marketing tips that'll turn your emails into a conversion machine.

1. Don’t be a corporate robot 🤖

Chuck a load of personality in your emails.

There’s no exception here – email always perform better when they read like they’re written by a real person. It’s just a question of what type of personality will resonate with your demographic; are you emailing corporate attorneys, dentists or football fans?

Get on a level with them.

2. Don’t spam

I’m not just talking about how often you send emails here; I’m talking about how much

value you’re actually offering. Are you sending emails just to tick a box? Are you spraying

and praying?

Your open rates, click-through rates and conversions will never get off the ground. The only thing that will be high is the number of unsubscribes.

Focus on providing value for your readers. Why should they open your email? Why

should they act on your CTAs? What will they get out of it? Think about telling stories,

offering advice, freebies or conveying news.


Hey, want a free email marketing strategy? We'll create one for you, totally on the house, no strings attached. Just get in touch.


3. Get personal

Your emails should land in the inbox of your subscribers and look like it was written just

for them. This links in with writing with personality but there are some boxes you can

tick here to help.

• Personalise the “To” and “From” fields

• Personalise subject lines

• Send birthday emails

• Make an emotional connection

4. Segmentation

Now we’re getting into the juicy stuff. This is the kind of thing that makes me and my co-founder tick.

The possibilities are endless when it comes to segmenting your database: age, gender, location, education, income, occupation, purchase history, relationship status, family structure, behaviour, source, stage of journey, etc. etc.

Now imagine all the ways you can target these segments. All of a sudden you aren’t just

sending one email a week to your list: you’re sending one email a week to any number

of segments. Watch your stats skyrocket if you segment effectively.

5. Automation. Automation. Automation.

Get some automation in your life. If you can set up a load of automation, it’s like having a magical marketing elf doing your marketing work for you.

Just had someone sign up? Don’t worry, the magical marketing elf will send them a

series of on-boarding emails to move them down the funnel.

Someone just abandon their basket? Don’t worry, they’ll get a nudge to complete their


Has someone not spent in a while? Is it a client’s birthday? Need to offer after-sales


You get the picture.

6. Testing, testing

Make sure your emails look great, are optimised for email, all the links work and

everything presents as it should. Everyone knows that gut-sinking feeling when you’ve

sent an email to your whole list, and it has an error on it. Don’t be a fool – test before

you send.

Speaking of testing – A/B testing is also a great way of finding out what works with your

subscribers. Track your results and analyse the data. Speaking of data…

7. Tracking your data

You need to track your data. How will you know what works and what doesn’t? Keep

records and give yourself targets. Open rates, CTRs and conversions should be tracked

as a minimum.

8. CTAs

Every great email should have a call to action.

It doesn’t matter if you’ve crafted the perfect email and follow every other step on this sheet, you haven’t included some CTAs, you’re fishing without bait. Get creative: Learn More, Buy Now, Download, Subscribe, Read More, Contact Us, Book Demo, Call Us, Email Us, I’m In, Sign up and Save, Book Free Consultation, Start your Free Trial….

We have a whole article on crafting great CTAs. You should take a look...


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