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6 Key Email Automations for your E-Commerce Store

How’s it going?

We reckon you should be aiming to get 50% of your store revenue from email marketing (or higher).

Then half of that email revenue should be coming from your automations.

I’m not messing about with this one. Email automations literally make you money whilst you sleep.

So, wake up. You need these 6 key email automations for your e-commerce store.

1. Welcome Series: Roll Out the Red Carpet


First impressions are everything. A warm welcome email not only sets a positive tone but also establishes a connection with your customers from the get-go. It's like inviting them to an exclusive party where they're the VIPs, and who doesn't love feeling special?

Action Point:

Craft a killer welcome email. Make it personal, sprinkle some charm, and toss in an exclusive discount. Make sure you deliver on the promise you made on sign-up and let them know what to expect from future emails. First impressions matter.

welcome gif
Welcome those new customers

2. Abandoned Cart Resurrections: Rescue the Sale


People abandon carts for various reasons—distractions, second thoughts, or just forgetfulness. An automated reminder recaptures potential sales; your abandoned cart email could well be the final push your customer needs to make a purchase. It’s your chance to settle minds and overcome objections.

Action Point:

Set up automated reminders for those abandoned carts. Throw in a tempting offer—because who can resist a little extra incentive?

forgetting something gif
Rescue those abandoned carts

3. Product Recommendations: Mind Reader Mode


Your customers are unique, and their preferences are gold. Using data to suggest products tailored to their tastes not only boosts sales but also enhances their shopping experience. It's like having a personal shopper, minus the awkward small talk.

Action Point:

Use data to your advantage. Set up an automation that suggests products based on your customer's browsing history or previous purchases. It's like mind-reading.

mind reader gif
Read minds, make recommendations

4. Post-Purchase Thank You: Gratitude Goes a Long Way


Gratitude is contagious. A heartfelt thank-you email not only shows appreciation but also builds a sense of loyalty. Your customers want to know they made the right choice by choosing your store. This is also a good opportunity to cross and upsell. Plus, a little appreciation never hurt anyone.   

Action Point:

Don't be shy with your gratitude. Automate a thank-you email post-purchase, and maybe throw in a sneak peek of upcoming deals. They bought from you; they're practically family now.

thank you gif
Thank u, next

5. Feedback Requests: Embrace the Critique


Feedback is your secret weapon for improvement. By automating feedback requests, you not only show that you value your customer's opinions but also gain valuable insights into what's working and what needs tweaking. It's a win-win—your customers feel heard, and you get the scoop on how to level up.

Action Point:

Send automated emails asking for feedback. Be open to criticism; it's your secret weapon for improvement. Plus, happy customers might just leave you a glowing review.

feedback gif
Get feedback, secure reviews

6. Re-Engagement Campaigns: Bring Back Your Lost Sheep


People drift away, but that doesn't mean it's over. Identifying and re-engaging with inactive customers through targeted campaigns can revive their interest. It's a cost-effective way to reconnect and remind them why they fell in love with your brand in the first place.   

Action Point:

Identify the quiet ones in your email list who've gone MIA. Set up a re-engagement campaign with a can't-miss offer. It's like saying, "Hey, we miss you—come back, and here's a little something to sweeten the deal."

come back gif
Please come back, I miss you x


Bonus Point 1:

Make each of these automations a series (3-4 emails long). Think about excluding people working through an automation from your regular campaigns so that you don’t overwhelm (spam) them.

Bonus Point 2:

Don’t just set-and-forget. Include your automations in your A/B testing strategy. Test copy, design, subject lines, time delays and send time.


There you have it - the e-commerce automation basics. Get these in place and you’re off to a good start.

Remember, with all of your email communications, make them relevant, conversational and authentic. Despite being automated, these emails should still feel like one human talking to another.

Got questions? You know what to do (contact us)


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